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The reasons brands use Bookstagrammers.com

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The answer is simple: efficiency!

Searching for the right book influencer to promote your product or service can be a very time consuming matter. 

Working with our platform means: no more spreadsheets, no more landing in unread inboxes, no more emailing to book influencers that are not interested, no more sending of products and just hoping they will be promoted.

Make a profile, write your campaign briefing and only communicate with book influencers that are eager to work with you!

Try our Influencer Campaign Self Service by clicking the button. You can immediately start working on your campaign briefing. Need help? Contact us!


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Do you see the book influencers in the carousel above? You can hire them to make content for your channels! Let them make creative TikToks, funny Instagram Reels, entertaining IGTV video's or beautiful flat lays for you. Contact us to talk about the options.

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