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  • Save 50% up to 100% time

    Time efficiency: have creators come to you, instead of you chasing them! All communications in one place. Check all the posts on your results page. Full service options too!
  • Build awareness

    No matter who you choose to collaborate with, your book/service will be seen by many: 6.000+ subscribers to newsletter (48% open rate) and 10.000+ followers on social media.
  • Boost Tiktok views and drive traffic

    With Tiktok SparkAds we can dramatically increase the views of the videos made by the creators you are collaborating with and drive traffic to a webpage of your choice.
  • We guarantee 90%+ uploads

    Strong community management leads to high upload percentages. We make sure creators post on time. We are always there to support your campaign.
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Book tours

Are you a publisher or (indie) author? Are you looking for an easy, fast, flexible and efficient way to promote your book on Instagram, TikTok and/or YouTube? Would you like to collaborate with readers with an engaged following that will encourage their followers to buy your book? And would you like the opportunity to work with book influencers with tens of thousands of followers? You've come to the right place! We help large publishers like Penguin Random House, small publishers and many (indie) authors with their book promotions. Our one and only goal is to make your book shine on social media. You can run your own Book Tour or let us do the job for you.


Brand campaigns

Are you a brand manager? We would love to help you promote your products or services: from ebook and audio apps, to libraries and (online) book stores, to like-minded brands. Choose from 8000+ book influencers and pick the ones that suit your brand. You can run your own campaign or let us handle the work for you.


Other services

Reach out to learn more about our Booktok LIVE broadcasts, events, content creation for corporate channels (user-generated content), workshops and low cost options such as giveaways.

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